About Baseball

Baseball – a common college sport

Baseball dates back to 1839 when Abner Doubleday invented it. Today, it has grown to become America’s favorite national pastime and a common college sport. Baseball is played all levels of skills and age. Often, children between 4-5 years play Tee ball, a baseball type where the base ball is positioned on the Tee to make it easy to hit. They then move to coach pitch, player pitch, little baseball league, high school league, college and finally to the major leagues.

Professional baseball also has different levels called minor leagues where players hone their skills into major leagues players.

About baseball

Unlike other sports such as football and basketball, baseball combines mental and physical talents. Most players are experts at catching the fly balls while others are specialists at fielding the ball or, hitting home runs, base running, pitching and batting stance. Typically, it is team play and combination of skills that makes a baseball game complex yet interesting.

Also, baseball does not have a clock which makes the game to be uniquely slow and ideal for the lazy and long summer days.

How to become a good baseball player

When playing baseball, effort is what you give but talent is what you have. You may not be born with a blazing speed to steal bases like Rickey Henderson or have an inborn ability to hit homers like Alber Pujols but you can increase your skills to become a valuable member of your team. To become a good baseball player:

  • Dedicate yourself full to baseball

To excel at anything, you need to have passion for it. Spend time reading about baseball, spend time watching baseball games, watch movies about baseball and collect as many baseball cards as you can. This may not increase your baseball skills but the passion will give you the drive you need to keep going even during the less fun parts of the game.

  • Practice everyday

The best baseball players are always doing something that will help improve their skills. Therefore, practice often using drills even when solo. Also use a batting tee to straighten out your swing.

  • Talk to a coach or a trainer to help you develop a strength-training routine.

Strength training is effective in improving your power and velocity of hits as we as your endurance.

  • Play up the level not down

You should avoid playing in a team where you are the most experienced or the oldest player. Instead, play up in teams where you are among the less experienced, smallest and youngest member. You may no longer be a star but you will improve your skills faster than if you could have stayed in a low level team.

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