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Basic tips to help you become a well rounded baseball player

Baseball is one of the most popular sport not only in America but also in the world. It is a game of skill, therefore, the best athlete is not the best player. Generally, baseball involves hitting, fielding, base running, catching, pitching and thrilling. In order to improve your skills, you need to practice regularly using drills. Practicing should involve jumping from one drill to another and it should also be fast. A good baseball player should utilize every drill session rather than just going through the motions which can lead to bad habits. Here are some basic baseball tips that will help you improve your game play.

Throwing the ball

When throwing the baseball, grab it with the index finder with the middle finger aligned along the long seams of the ball while keeping the thumb underneath to provide support. Also, square your shoulders with the target and use arm action to throw the ball.

Fielding the ball

Spreading your feet and staying down gives you good balance. You always want our glove to remain in front of you so you can block the ball and prevent it from going between your legs.

Catching the fly balls

You will want to remain behind the ball as well as stride towards the target when you are out in the outfield. Also, you should be able to see the ball and get your stride to throw it to the target. Lastly, always catch the ball above your shoulders while bending your elbow. This provides cushion when catching the ball.

Batting Stance

When batting your stance, your feet should be shoulder length apart with the toes pointing inwards slightly. This gives you good balance and you will be able to look at the pitcher with head level.


Good pitchers make consistent strikes with the right mechanics. This reduces the chances of injury. If you change the speed of your pitch, it will confuse the batters and the timing will be off.

Base running

Run in such a way that you are able to gain the most speed. For example, when running more than one base, time your steps so that you always hit the base with the right foot and with a less arc while striding consistently without losing speed to the next base.

The aforementioned baseball tips are only basic but if you practice on all, you will certainly become a well rounded baseball player. You can also use the acquired information about baseball to earn some extra cash through gambling. Follow the matches and bet on a team of choice after assessing it winning chances. Sign up today at reputable online casinos such as Luxury casino, Captain Cooks casino, Zodiac casino among others.

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